The Christine O'Donnell "I'm You" parody of the day

He's got my vote. (Via Cynical-C)


  1. He actually is closer to what America is than O’Donnell. He’s diabetic, overweight, clever and intelligent. He would have my vote over her is a split second.

  2. He has my vote for best impression of a politician, right up there with Tina Fey’s Palin. Christine just hides her real beard with witchcraft.

  3. it would’ve been more clever without the swearing at the end. but then again, swearing is very near and dear to our hearts in america, too. so, i agree, he’s awesome.

    1. Oh, no. The f-bomb was the icing on the cake. The salt on the popcorn. In other words, perfect.

  4. I do not accept that is not a Sasquatch! The Bigfoot Agenda is right in line with the Obama Shapeshifting Lizard Lobby. Wake up sheeple!

    -Alex Jones

  5. Not Sasquatch eh? Where’s his birth certificate?! He has none, because he was born in a forest!

  6. And unlike Miss O’Donnell, he probably has a healthy self-love.

    And what’s more American than that? Indeed, the merger of entertainment, religion, and politics that has become our common culture could best be described as the relentless masturbation of the doomed.

  7. I think ‘ordering pizza at grandma’s house tonight’ was the funniest bit, the swearing afterwards the punctuation to end it.

    This dude is awesome. The original ad seems as if not a single person thought for a second about what they were doing. This homemade clip gives the opposite impression.

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