Mean Monkey Monday 5


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  1. semiotix says:

    I demand a followup post on the new look in prostitution.

    Whatever it was, it’s due for an ironic retro comeback.

  2. campcampingston says:

    I’m amazed how much the guy looks like Captain Kirk, if you kind of squint.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I simply don’t see Shatner – surely it’s David Bowie, taking a break from filming Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence?

  4. franko says:


  5. tmccartney says:

    It had occurred to me that maybe there was some kind of weird racial subtext to all these monkey-attack covers, but then I looked at and saw that they are obsessed with all KINDS of animal attacks, especially if a vulnerable, busty babe is involved. There was even one involving turtles. Dude, if you annd your rescue-ee can’t outrun a killer turtle, you’ve got serious issues.

  6. an0nymous says:

    The facial anatomy of that ape.. confuses me.
    I am thinking that it was either
    a) not drawn from life.

    actually, there is no b.

  7. Grabcocque says:

    Is that… Bill Shatner?


  8. Philipp Lenssen says:

    Assembled a whole bunch of True Men covers on my cover gallery site — fascinating stuff:

  9. pjcamp says:

    Monkeys and bananas. Whata you and Cory smokin’?

    Isn’t that undersexed article plagiarized from an earlier one? Or are they just blurring in my brain?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Mister Primate says, “NO! I insist! See how Crest 3d Whitening Strips improved my smile? SEE!”

  11. sic transit gloria C.F.A. says:

    This is getting real old now.

  12. libraryboi says:

    Gorillas aren’t monkeys, they’re apes.

  13. V says:

    If this is the new look in prostitution, count me in!

  14. Hagrid says:

    “The New Look in Prostitution”
    “I Fought the Kenya Man-Eater”
    “The American Male is Undersexed”
    “The World’s Most Brutal Doctor”

    I can’t figure out which one of these goes with the cover illustration!

  15. cjp says:

    Ménagerie à trois?

  16. Mahmoth says:

    What I love about these covers (particularly this one) is that every single caption could apply to the image.

  17. LOLvis says:

    I love that any or all of the titles in the top right work better with the picture than the one at the bottom. In fact, I’m tempted to crop it so that “THE WORLD’S MOST BRUTAL DOCTOR” is the only title remaining and make it my desktop.

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