HOWTO knit TARDIS socks!

Knitter Tara Wheeler has whipped up these wonderful TARDIS socks: "I knitted up a pair of these a few years ago and they've gotten lots of complements. I've finally written up my pattern, which pre-supposes you know how to knit socks."

TARDIS Socks (via Neatorama)


  1. Crochet coral reef and now this!?!? I’m never going to leave my house again at this rate!

    @Phikus you could… make a break in the k/p door texture pattern and duplicate stitch in your stripey scarf colors…

  2. I’d be willing to pay top dollar for a pair of these if someone made a pair with one of those little greeting card sound chips in one of them that makes the TARDIS landing noise. Even better, make it light sensitive so that the noise goes off when you pull up your trouser leg to reveal them.

    Although I suppose it would have to be in a little pocket so you could remove it before washing, or else….ew.

  3. Wow. First I get two scarves on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and now I’m on BoingBoing!

    Who says knitting is boring and for old ladies?!?

    Not me!!

  4. These socks tossed me back to my teenage years when I was obsessed with Dr. Who. I haven’t thought about them in years.

    In 1984, thereabouts, I managed to go to a Dr. Who convention dressed as my favorite doctor played by Patrick Troughton. Not only did I get to meet him but I also met John Nathan-Turner – as did everybody else that was there. They were so nice and patient with everyone. That was one of the best times I remember being a kid.

    I miss them.

    Thank you Tara.

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