Mean Monkey Monday 7


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    1. Yeah, so which article matches the cover? “The Women who Raffle their Love”? Or “Sex on the Silver Screen”? After all, that doesn’t look like a gorilla so much as an illustration of a gorilla costume…

      1. I’m betting she’s the woman who laughed her way to murder. “Hey, Frank, put on this gorilla costume and pretend you’re carrying me into the jungle! I’ll scream and boy, won’t Willie be shocked?”

        1. Yeah, and it was all fun and games ’til they shot the poor guy in the gorilla suit. No wonder Josephine had to change her name to Debbie Harry.

      2. “The Treasure That’s Yours For The Taking”

        I’m starting to think that monkeys were the intended audience for all of these magazines.

  1. Let’s see if all the elements are present. Heaving bosoms, check. Angry simian, check. Bare-chested he-man in mid-stride, wielding a weapon, check. Scratch marks/terrified expression on woman to show monkey(s) mean business? Hmmm, curiously absent. It could be that this monkey is not in fact mean, but merely helping the damsel over a muddy puddle or something.

      1. I’m going to say “yes,” but with a small amount of trepidation: I know I will enjoy “Mean Monkey Mondays” far more than “Merely Misunderstood Monkey Mondays.”

  2. She doesn’t look especially unhappy.

    But then again, her boyfriend looks like a bit of a dick. Maybe it makes sense to go with the mean monkey.

  3. The scene almost always includes “her heaving bosom” an Mean Monkey Monday. October 18 and November 8 have the same model. Who could she be?

  4. Perhaps you-all are too young, or too optimistic, to recall what the hateful bigoted symbolism clearly implied at that time was? Deny it at your leisure, but i was there then.

  5. Okay, my native land is the jungle.
    I visited America, but the visit was not fortuitous to me, but the
    implication is that it was to somebody else. When I went from the
    jungle to America, did I go by boat?
    Bridget von Hammersmark: Yes.
    Major Dieter Hellstrom: Did I go against my will?
    Bridget von Hammersmark: Yes.
    Major Dieter Hellstrom: On this boat ride, was I in chains?
    Bridget von Hammersmark: Yes.
    Major Dieter Hellstrom: When I arrived in America, was I displayed in
    Bridget von Hammersmark: Yes!
    Major Dieter Hellstrom: Am I the story of the negro in America?
    Cpl. Wilhelm Wicki: No.
    Major Dieter Hellstrom: Well, then, I must be King Kong.

  6. If there’s anything to be inferred from the woman’s expression then we may need to re-title this post “Merry Monkey Monday.”

  7. That poor blouse is only being held in place by a pair of desperate nipples.

    And what gives with the guys in the back? The last guy stopped to put his shirt and pith helmet on? He just isn’t a team player.

  8. Raffle prostitution just sounds so lighthearted and whimsical. This is the best church picnic/PTA social/high school band fundraiser ever!

    1. Lucrative, sure, but as the illustration makes plain, the cheerleaders need to remember that the winning ticket takes all, whether it’s held by the hoped-for shirtless B.M.O.C. Biff Biathlon, or a lucky AV Club President like Joe Young, here.

      That’s how a raffle works, sweetheart. You wanna go to cheer camp or not?

      1. just marveling at the containment field he appears to project because, clearly, gravity is not quite working the way I’d expect it to.

        1. Thanks for the clarification. You are far more abreast of the situational mechanics than I. Every time I looked at it (them) I was not thinking about gravity for some reason.

  9. Yeah, the ape doesn’t seem very natural to me. I was checking to see if the publishing date was January 31st – National Gorilla Suit Day.

  10. She certainly doesn’t look at all frightened. The clinched fist says “no”; but the facial expression says, “I want to see how this plays out.”

    Or maybe that’s not really a clinched fist. Maybe she’s a time traveler with a cell phone.

  11. I’m a little disturbed by the fact that we haven’t seen this cover posted before. You should warn us before posting fresh monkey content.

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