New sticker from Garbage Pail Kids illustrator John Pound

CrazeOne has teamed up with John Pound, the iconic illustrator whose contributions to Garbage Pail Kids, Wacky Packages and MAD Magazine shaped my childhood. They've released a new sticker packs featuring Pound art printed on UV overcoated, die-cut weatherproof stickers. The $4 price includes US shipping.

CRAZE ONE. CLOTHING teams up with JOHN POUND (Thanks, Adam!)


  1. It says “John Peel” in the headline and “John Pound” in the main article.

    I’m guessing the illustrious and much-loved BBC radio DJ did not have a sideline in gross, collectible children’s illustrations? Even more surprising if he’s still producing them…

  2. DUDE!!!
    I totally
    HAVE those!

    I have several complete 1st series sets of GPK. none in original packaging, but most in good to very good condition. most have rounded corners. i gotta dig those up.

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