Star Wars text crawl dress

Chenoa, a hairdresser at The Beehive in Vancouver, BC, made this amazing Star Wars text-crawl dress with matching headband.

My friend dressed up as the scroll from Star Wars (via Neatorama)


    1. I believe the ‘star wars’ is the head band. the thing in her hair is merely a distraction, nothing to see here.

    2. While difficult to read in the picture, I believe the head band says “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.”

      That would be consistent with the crawl.

  1. I’m afraid the text being very large at the bottom and very small at the top would look a bit…unflattering (i.e. make your hips appear larger and your breasts smaller). Good idea, though.

  2. Smart Geek Girl!
    As I found out the first time I wore my “ninja burger” t to a party, there’s nothing better for weeding out the geeks (in the positive manner) and starting conversation than something geeky on your shirt that gives a guy an excuse to start at your chest AND ask a question without getting slapped. ;-)

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