Baroque Star Wars

Robert sez, "Swedish artist Mattias Adolfosson has a rather fantastic gallery of Baroque Star Wars. Star Wars as is it could have looked in the 17th century."

Baroque Star Wars (Thanks, Robert!)


  1. Very nice, the style reminds me of Quentin Blake’s illustrations in the Roald Dahl books.

  2. OK, there should have been a warning before scrolling down to this post!

    Snorting coffee across the desk is not a fun way to start the day.

    I really love this drawing. Bobba Fett doesn’t seem so tough with his blunderbuss and buckled boots.

  3. nice boots, not sure about the dress. the balloon to hold up the bag is quite a nice idea, stylish, yet so practical.

  4. I like the naked lady on his helmet throwing the horns, and what appears to be a piglet on his chest. Nice touches.

    1. you are so right, the lovely nodding piglet is genius.

      it’s so all about accessorizing.

  5. I love how his Millennium Falcon has a status of a nude woman holding a cannon, and one of the Puritans is trying to cover it up with a great big figleaf.

  6. Re: The Baroque Death Star

    Jonathan Swift got there first with the flying city-state of Laputa (Gulliver’s Travels) which would bombard countries beneath with its cannon.

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