Women Laughing Alone with Salad


Link (thanks, Jason Weisberger!)


  1. When in reality a woman who becomes that hysterically manic with uncontrollable joy in her apt at the sight of a salad she, logically, probably just made for herself would be more appropriate as an ad for psych meds.

  2. Easy nowadays for designers: “Go to photos.com and find a photo of a lady laughing with a salad. Keywords: laughing lady salad

    Okay, we’re all set Dooley, run with it.

    corn and butter

  3. A couple days ago I saw a graffito in a subway station where the tagger had spray-painted his name on the wall: SALAD.

    What kind of a lame tag is “Salad?”

  4. I don’t know how they do it. I bet you could find Men Laughing Alone With… well, no, maybe not. Whether armed with beer, steak, football, ice cream, porn, or flamed hot rods, you don’t often find photos of men laughing alone, do you?

    And men alone with salads… Christ, what a Bergman film that’d make.

  5. The woman in the middle is weirdly far away from her salad, unless we infer she’s sharing it with the photographer sitting at the other end of the table.

  6. Shouldn’t that be ‘White Woman Laughing Alone With Salad’? Do women of other ethnicities find Salad equally hilarious?

    A good while back wasn’t there a trope or meme around ‘Black Woman With A Computer’ something like this picture:

    1. Yeah, I obsess over the nonsense we’re expected to pay for at stock photography sites. I’m not sure why some of these sets become memes. I find almost all of it totally useless. I even have a whole blog about it, if you care -cheers http://badstockart.com

  7. The three examples here on BoingBoing pulled from the site are all white women, but if you follow the link to the original site, 3 of the 16 women appear to be African-American.

  8. What’s so funny about salad?

    Seriously. I’ve promised myself that once I hit 50, I’ll never eat salad again. Or cottage cheese.

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