Minimalist Disney-ride fan-posters

Chris from the Just Off Main Street blog whipped up some minimalist Disney ride posters. I really like 'em, though I think they'd be improved by using actual ride art for the small icon.

Disney Posters (Thanks, Chris!)


  1. …though I think they’d be improved by using actual ride art for the small icon.

    Would Just Off Main Street’s prospects be improved by Disney’s hordes of IP attorneys descending on them?

    This is a corporation that sues daycare centers for unauthorized murals, after all.

    1. There’s a big chasm between doing things for profit or in a public space, vs. designing things speculatively on your own time. Not to legitimize DIsney’s kneejerk legal reactions, but considering the vast amounts of cosplayers fanartists, and Disneyland geeks sharing their work all over the internet, it’s not unheard of to use the actual fonts and imagery from the rides.


  2. This unfortunately seems like one of those really solid concepts with poor execution- I love the idea of minimalist Disneyland posters, but with generic iconography and typographic choices they don’t read as well as they could.


  3. Maybe Disney will hire Just of Main Street and he can legally use the real art and typography and the universes will align for talent, ideas, and happiness.

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