Han Solo in carbonite throw-pillow

Xanadoodle crocheted this 16" x 9" Han Solo in Carbonite throw-pillow, which would make a lovely addition to any smart home.

Han Solo in Carbonite Throw Pillow (via Neatorama)


  1. Nicely done! Make a bunch, sell ’em for $29.95, and it’s a license to print money!

  2. Han’s hands were bound when he was lowered into the encasement chamber, but unbound when his carbonite-encrusted self was removed from the chamber. While I appreciate the reasoning behind making the pillow in the form used in the movie, I was still a little disappointed that the creator of the pillow didn’t buck tradition. Also, Han shot first.

    1. those little midgety things appear to release his shackles just before he goes under. I JUST CHECKED.

  3. When I saw this knitted pop culture gem I instantly thought of http://www.grimmleighs.com/ It is a crafting site for geeks. In fact, one of the founders moonlights on the geekshow podcast. If you are in Salt Lake City, hit up their weekly Craft Sabbaths.

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