Revolution mixtape: soundtrack of the North African uprisings


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  1. Shart Tsung says:

    I heard about this on the radio a week or 2 ago, believe it or not, thanks for posting! I’ll be leeching and seeding.

  2. burritoflats says:

    When I think of the phrase Hip Hop, the names Libya or Egypt don’t necessarily come to mind (usually Brooklyn does) – but this compilation certainly sounds worthwhile

  3. EH says:

    @Burritoflats, really? Hiphop has been global for a while now.

    Here’s an interview with Iraqi-Canadian rapper Narcicyst on hiphop and the Arab revolutions.

    Here’s another mixtape by Arab rappers linked to by Narcy.

    Here’s one song with a bunch of rappers on it in honor of January 25:

  4. teapot says:

    When I think of the phrase Hip Hop

    Isn’t hip hop a word? I had some Australian-made ravioli last night and with every mouthful I couldn’t help thinking “you fucking poser pasta you make me sick”.

    For those without BT access here is a mirror (though I can’t verify its authenticity because I’m d/ling the torrent)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Seriously, Brooklyn? It was absolutely the Bronx that originated it all.

  6. millrick says:

    thanks forteller
    – just listened to the entire download and was quite impressed

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