Cadbury Egg inside chocolate cupcake




  1. Am I alone in thinking that the Cadbury Egg, while a neat concept, is the most disgusting edible item ever created?

      1. But it’s not yolk, it’s just creme, same as lots of candy.

        Shut up and eat one. See? Yeah, that’s what I though. Have another. :)

      2. The American version of Cadbury’s Creme Eggs, produced under licence by Hershey, don’t contain a creme filling at all. It’s fondant, and it’s utterly disgusting when you’re expecting the semi-liquid centre. I made the mistake of buying two at once before I found out what they were like.

        1. Shows how long it has been since I had one. I only remember the liquid center versions…

          Just disgustingly sweet.

    1. You are are not alone. I’m not disgusted by them, but I do find them to be way too sweet, so sweet that they cause my throat to itch inside.

      How is it possible that something can taste sweeter than sugar when it, itself, is sweetened with sugar?

    2. You’re not alone… make that a proper decadent cupcake with a kahlua-filled dark chocolate bomb in the middle…

  2. Eh. I kind of like the concept, but I think if I actually tried to eat this, I’d get sick half way through. The icing and the cadbury egg each look like they represent at least one third of the total volume, and probably a higher fraction of the mass.

    I like a cupcake with a little icing. This looks like icing, on a cadbury egg, with just barely enough cupcake to hold the whole thing together. That imbalance is partially redeemed because it looks like cream cheese icing, which can be tolerated in larger amounts than the butter/shortening based varieties.

    I might enjoy a quarter of this cupcake, with some coffee on the side to cut the sweetness.

  3. To me, it looks like lung tissue heavily infiltrated with anthracotic pigment (black lung) in which there is a cavity filled with caseous (cheesy) necrosis typical of tuberculosis. All the white stuff on top could be pus, possibly due to a another bacterial infection.

    This bears no resemblance to food for me. Cancer is another thing that comes to mind. Just sayin’.

    1. And that’s why I don’t sit next to my medical-student friends at lunch…

      (They’ve stopped now, but in first year when they were studying anatomy they did have the habit of describing which bits of diseased human that day’s dessert looked like).

  4. Cupcake icing has kind of gotten out of control with some people. Part of the cupcake craze meant that people were going a little over the top to try to differentiate themselves…it’s like the rococo period of cupcakes.

    1. A cupcake is a vehicle for frosting delivery–and now, a wrapper for candy, apparently. I don’t see a problem here.

      Yeah, I probably couldn’t eat more than one, but I DEFINITELY want to eat one.

  5. OMG.

    That’s it. Sunday afternoon, I’m buying every Cadbury Egg I can and start greasing up the muffin tins.

  6. The ratio of icing to cupcake size is appropriate in my opinion.

    But I’d rather have the yolk icing just stuffed into the cupcake, like 2 or 3 eggs worth. I don’t need the chocolate egg and a cupcake.

    Talk about sugar coma…*drool*.

  7. A nice idea but fan of creme eggs as I am, it doesn’t look or sound very appetizing. You can buy packs of mini creme eggs. I think one of those in the middle of a cup cake, maybe two if you were feeling crazy, would make for something much nicer to actually eat than this.

  8. Someone needs to make a cookie dough khachapuri, filled with cream cheese icing and topped with two (cracked) Cadbury eggs.

    It wouldn’t be something I’d want to eat, but I’d admire it all the same.

    1. That’s brilliant, a cookie dough khachapuri! For dessert after a regular khachapuri, the whole thing photographed for “This Is Why You’re Fat”.

      Sadly, it’s Passover, otherwise a batch of these would be in the oven right now.

  9. It should be partly melted when you eat it though all that sugar would probably make me sick.

  10. I saw mashed potatoes, so the brain filled in meat loaf / scotch egg in the bottom. (The milk chocolate colour of the egg was a bit off-putting)

    Perhaps that would be a fund treat to try to make in a muffin (cupcake) tin, for those without such a sweet tooth.

    (Me, I want the cadbury cream cheese cupcake!!)

  11. and this, so soon after the article posted about how sugar is a toxin that’s slowly killing us. awesome.

    for the record, this looks disgusting – so sweet it makes your teeth hurt.

  12. What do you think? 500, maybe 600 calories? Heavy eats, but I’d try one just to see what it’s like.

    Zoeycakes, the bakery which produces this devilish confection, also carries a “bacon toffee” cupcake. It is described as a “Chocolate cupcake, mixed with bacon and toffee. Frosted with a Maple Cream Cheese frosting.”

    Upon sober reflection, I have to admit that I’d probably eat that, too.

  13. “Creme Eggs” are fascinating.
    Milk chocolate shell? VILE!


  14. I think it is way too rich for my taste buds….maybe the mini cadbury egg would be a better choice…..

  15. OK. I’m all set. 36 creme eggs in the freezer, 3 muffin tines primed with those frilly paper cups, two tubs of white frosting a package of flaked coconut, a package of malted milk eggs, two packages of chocolate cake mix.

  16. Ironically, the cross-section of the Cadbury Creme Egg shown accurately represents what one’s arteries would look like after eating such a monstrosity.

  17. Anyone else remember Cadbury eggs used to be just a bit larger than they are now? Seems like they shrunk about maybe five to ten years ago, not sure when.

    Do you guys who find the yolk repulsive also eat real eggs? If so, you do know that they come out of a chicken’s butt, right? Chickens are very dirty animals FYI. And do chocolate rabbits also gross you out? How about christmas tree cookies? Cupcakes with smiley faces? Gingerbread men? :p I’m just teasing ya.

  18. It is disgusting and decadent and loaded with calories. PERFECTION in a dessert; not some no fat, no sugar, no egg, no flour, no point in eating piece of health crap.

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