Locus Award finalists announced


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  1. jayarava says:

    The Dervish House. By a country mile. Characters, plot, setting, and use of tech were all far and away more sophisticated and satisfying than the others.

  2. Flying_Monkey says:

    If I was judging, it would be a shoo-in for The Dervish House. Zero History, not really SF? Actually, I’d tend to agree. As I would with Rotwang about Kraken – definitely Mieville’s worst novel so far. I’d love to see The Fuller Memorandum win for fantasy, but I suspect Under Heaven will take it. No objections to that either. And please, please, please let Terry Pratchett get the Young Adult award.

  3. Anonymous says:

    As some others pointed out before, ZERO HISTORY in the SF section?
    lolwhut? Do they even read the books they nominate?

  4. Chang says:

    ZERO HISTORY, while totally wicked awesome, doesn’t seem like SF to me. Someone’s gonna have to ‘splain that to Chang.

  5. Rob Knop says:

    I was going to say… what Chang already said.

  6. Aoleon says:

    I wish they would’ve included Justina Robson…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Matter was pretty sub-standard, IMO. 200 pages of court antics (not even interesting court antics) before anything starts to happen. And, I dunno, is it possible to spend TOO much time trying to explain every nuance of a world? If it is, I think Mr. Banks could be guilty of doing just that. I think I’ll just go re-read Use of Weapons instead.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’m a Gibson stalker – I own two copies of most of his books since I tend to fall asleep with one each night (creased and dogeared).

    I couldn’t finish Zero History.
    My copy now lives a the local library.

    Military fashion and the complex markets that drive it is not interesting to me.

    Did I quit too soon?
    Does the second half of the novel cause it to deserve nomination?

    Does anyone use a chain gun (with real chains!)?
    Does anyone have a virtual lover who becomes real?
    Does anyone do ANYTHING besides talk about pants?

    I can still check it back out of the library – I’m sure it’s available…

  9. Anonymous says:

    I generally appriciate Charles Stross, but I am completely dumbfounded about “The Fuller Memorandum”. I read and thought that at best Stross managed to finish writing a book. I find it lacking in about everything I look for in a novel. Can someone explain to me what people are seeing in this book?
    I’m not hatin’ on Stross. I loved the first laundry novel (The Atrocity Archive). I thought Stross did a marvelous job channeling Deighton, but the rest of the Laundry books just seem limp (a few of the short stories I quite liked).

  10. Rotwang says:

    Surface Detail? Not so much. At least Banks made into the running this year, but that still doesn’t make up for snubbing Matter when it came out.

  11. Rotwang says:

    Also: Kraken Sorry, that was just a bad, derivative novel.

  12. Rotwang says:

    Ack! I take it back: Matter was nominated for a Locus in 2009. I was thinking of the Hugos.

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