Recreating the Dock Ellis "tripping balls" no-hitter on XBox on LSD


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  1. sauce says:

    Cant remember if this was posted here before, but it is a great short film animating Doc Ellis’ narration of what happened on that great day.

    • Blaine says:

      Is that the one where he’s talking about hanging out with “a cat named Al Rambo”? Because for the past 10 years everytime someone mentions Doc Ellis, I immediately think of him sitting on a couch with a tabby wearing a belt of bullets around its chest.

  2. hassenpfeffer says:

    Heh. Bob Smizik is still a sports reporter for the Post-Gazette, which absorbed the Pittsburgh Press after a strike/shutdown kinda thing.

    Perhaps the current Pirates roster is tripping on acid, given that the team is above .500 for the first time since, oh, the Reagan Administration or so.

  3. emmdeeaych says:

    Aim high folks.

  4. irksome says:

    In an interview, he talked about only being able to see the catcher’s mitt and knowing that’s where the ball is supposed to BE. As an ex-’70s acidhead, I consider this the greatest achievement in professional sport.

    As to some hipster on acid with an X-Box, I say “meh”.

  5. drkptt says:

    The feat inspired songs by both Chuck Brodsky and Todd Snider

    Chuck’s take seems to be coming from a baseball fan; Todd’s from an fan of acid.

  6. MacBookHeir says:

    I’d never heard this Dock Ellis story. Is it true? I mean, I’ve never, ever come across it before until now. Maybe I was out of the country. Did he really take acid? And play baseball? What a trip!

  7. jeligula says:

    Am I misremembering or was not LSD criminalized in October of 1968? Not that that means very much, as I once had an existential crisis with a 7-11 chicken sandwich in Eugene, OR. The ecclesiastical claims the chicken sandwich was making weren’t that hard to deal with, but the tile on the floor kept moving me away from the heat cabinet. I grabbed the sandwich and just barely remembered to pay for it before continuing the conversation in the van, but it had nothing to say at that point. So I ate it. Damned thing had the nerve to taste like chocolate cake, stupid sandwich.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Alternate title: What not to do for your first LSD experience. :)

  9. Anonymous says:

    The NYO story is painfully grayfaced.

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