Çurface: an industrial surface made from compressed coffee and melted coffee cups


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  1. Gulliver says:

    That’s pretty wild. It makes me wonder what else could be recycled into furniture.

    How heavy is it? Also, what does Çurface mean? Coffee surface? If so, what’s with the cedilla under the c?

  2. anatsuno says:

    Gulliver, I believe the cedilla is there to indicate that the C of Çurface is supposed to be pronounced soft, like an S, and not like a K. It matches the function of the cedilla in French, too.

    Cory, I’m glad to know it’s awesome! I came across Çurface a few months ago but had never yet read an actual consumer review for it. I’m filing your opinion away. :)

  3. Andrew K says:

    @Gulliver, Icestone is made out of recycled glass and (I believe) concrete and is used for countertops as well.  Dwell often covers new materials that are made in part or in full from reclaimed or recycled materials.

  4. Brainspore says:


  5. Baldhead says:

    Finally a proper coffee table!

  6. fnarf says:

    Sounds similar to Richlite, the resinated compressed paper countertop material. Familiar to most of your from your high school chem lab counters, it’s now popular in homes. We have it in our bathroom. Super-durable, and the color goes all the way through so a nick will never show. This stuff sounds way cheaper, though; GBP 161 will get you about two square feet of Richlite, and not installed. Bring this to the US please!

    • dr says:

      I believe my HS chem lab counters were made of soapstone.  Maybe a generational thing?

      • fnarf says:

        I dunno, I went to high school in the early seventies and it was always Richlite or something comparable. People who use our bathroom are always saying “oh, like science lab”. Mrs. Fnarf blocked my suggestion to mount a Bunsen burner in the corner of it.

  7. Gulliver says:

    Ah, that makes sense. It’s actually pretty clever naming. Thanks!

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