Mariachis serenade beluga whale

There. Just enough happiness to get you out the door to work this morning.

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Big thanks to Mr. Nathan Chervek!


  1. Weird, I almost hired that same band (Connecticut mariachi) to play at my wedding.  My plan was to have a mariachi band playing Beatles songs at a pig roast on top of a mountain for the reception.

    It would have been great, if not for the wife vetoing every part of it.

      1. She keeps the sanity.  My advice to any future groom: the wedding is her day, no matter kick ass a Mariachi band singing Beatles songs would have been.

        Also, Connecticut Mariachi is sort of a large amorphous group that will reconfigure to best fit the needs of your event.  My guess is that the beluga wasn’t willing to shell out the cash for the whole ensemble.

        1. The pig roast on a mountain and mariachi band idea sounds AWESOME (some sushi would be good, too… :P). Why not just have a party sometime and do it? :)

        2. “My advice to any future groom: the wedding is her day”

          Really? What decade are you living in?  So glad my wife saw it as “our day”.  

  2. This is incredible. This video made me both smile at the amazing interaction, and sad that such an intelligent animal is in captivity.

    1. Yep. That would be a trio.

      A real Marichi can also field a football team, the fat guy with the bass would be normally the goallie.

      1. If that is the stereotype you have fine, but in my 10 years of being a Mariachi musician, only about 10% of all Bass players are fat. And yes, a Mariachi can field a football team, and back home, sometimes Mariachi groups challenge each other to a match on weekdays. For reference, a typical, full size Mariachi contains 3-6 violins, 1-3(or 4) trumpets, a bass (guitarron) a guitar, a vihuela (guitar like instrument although smaller, with a curved back and only 5 strings) and occasionally a Mariachi may also contain a harp and or a “Guitarra de Golpe”.

  3. I figure the whale’s thinking, “Great, now I’m obligated to go out for drinks with them later.”

    1. I figure the whale’s thinking, “Great, now I’m obligated to go out for drinks with them later.”

      I have that same fixed smile when I’m being serenaded.

    1. That’s just how beluga’s express their appreciation and why they are never invited to black box theater productions. 

  4. Does anybody know what song they’re playing…I have a tin ear, but it sounds like a Belafonte song (“Don’t ever love me,” perhaps?).

    1. Turns out that “Don’t Ever Love Me” was Belafonte’s version of “Yellow Bird.” With cool detours amid the Mills Brothers, the Kingston Trio and Lawrence Welk. Yay, learning stuff. 

  5. That beluga whale looks a little bulbous with his blubber.  He’d better watch out for eskimos.

  6. Anyone else notice the whale showing its ‘appreciation’? by.. well.. taking a poo…. granted for most anything animalia, any time is as good as any other to do so.

    Also reminds me of a music video where a kid watches his fish dance, though strangely enough the whale reminds me more of the kid than the mariachi

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of us, at some early point in their lives, grinned and made poo whilst being serenaded with Itsy Bitsy Spider…

  7. What interests me is that the Beluga repeatedly presses the “melon” on the front of its head against the glass. Since the melon is used in sound production would that imply an attempt to respond to the music? Beluga+Mariachi=Inter-species Jam Session?

    1. I’m so glad I’m not the only person who wondered about that. Toward the end of the song, the beluga does press against the glass very intently with its melon. As the gas>solid>liquid movement of the song would dampen the sound, pressing against the glass could help the animal hear, much like pressing an ear against a wall. As for speaking up, we can’t hear the beluga, but I wouldn’t rule it out. They’re very smart.

  8. I know whales live all their lives in water and all that, but who else is just amazed by how long it stays under water without breathing? There are a couple of casual floats to the surface, possibly getting some air, but it never takes it’s attention away from the mariachis.

  9. Boing Boing’s actually featured some of the groom’s art before:,, It was a great wedding, very fitting of the two wonderfully creative minds involved. 

  10. Embedded video seems to have changed to some sort of cyborg octopus in a tank.  No Beluga, no mariachis.

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