Ultraminimalist business card

Boris Smus' idea for a minimalist business card is brilliant—so long as you're old enough to have your own name's domain, but young enough have its Twitter handle! [via Laughing Squid and Minimalissimo]

I thought it might work using colors instead of lines. But the devil's in the details, especially when there are so few to devil around with.

If I actually did this, it would have to have a watermark that said "Oh my God, it even has a watermark."


  1. The domain for my real name has been in the clutches of domain trolls ever since I’ve had access to the web. Grrr.

  2. So stealing this idea. But the explanatory jpg seems more user friendly. The purpose of the color highlighting isn’t obvious.

  3. These are a great idea if you carry more than one business card.  A lot of senior managers would just toss them out.

  4. Man, I would so do that! Too bad my last name is also the name of a major corporation. I’m pretty sure I’m never going to snag cox.com

  5. Nice idea. I could kind of do this as my domain and twitter handle are the same (ObeyMyBrain) but I’d have to use my full name before the @. Not currently using it as an email address but it would be good to set that up in any case. I do have my first and last combined as the domain but it wouldn’t work with this.

  6. The ideal, of course, is to be able to have a card with just your name on it and the phrase “Google me!”.  I myself am the top Google result for “Nadreck” due to my postings here – although someone called “Nabel Maynard” has the twitter and facebook top hits.

    1. I was the top result for my name on Google for years until the other guy
      got drafted by the Buccaneers in 2009. Now my website is number 9 or
      10. Thankfully my Google+ profile shows up at the top of the page.

  7. “Beschizza” generally makes my life easier, as the competition in public/social internettery is light (though there are a few others, and even several Robs online now).

    Regarding ‘GOOGLE IT!’ cards, I displeases me to report that I am not the top result for ‘ROB OF BOING’

  8. Brilliant, except his name is “Boris Smus” not “Boris Mus,” which is what I would think from reading that.  Actually that’s a lie.  I would think his name is “Boris Borismus” from reading that card.

    1. I would think his name is “Boris Borismus” from reading that card.

      And I would wonder if his middle name was Borior.

  9. I did something similar with my cards a couple years ago, but with more emphasis on the name (and a small cell phone number in the lower left).  The back of the card was a pixelated headshot overlaid with names of technologies, so the entire card represented name recognition, contact info, website, and resume rough sketch all while being mostly whitespace.

    Served me pretty well.

  10. Those are actually pretty cool (Boris’ and Rob’s).  But I think a lot of less tech-savvy people wouldn’t get it and you’d spend a lot of time explaining.

  11. the only bad thing about this idea is no phone number. you know, for people who still feel the need to talk to me on the phone.

    1. I don’t put a phone number on my printed cards. When I give a card to someone I write the number with a pen on it, makes it seem more personal.

  12. These are pretty cool. I’d totally nick it and make some tweaks to make my domain email my full name, but alas my domain name is 1 letter too long for a twitter account. 

  13. Meh. Ask around and see how many “regular folk” know that the text under www means “Type this into your web browser to see my web page”.

  14. A colleague sent me a clutch of business cards with just @glennf on them in big type. Nothing else. I handed these out for a while. Then I was visiting Facebook, and almost gave one of them out. Whoops.

  15. I do like the design. Perhaps use the Twitter blue for the Twitter section or perhaps ghost the “t” logo and “www” to make it a bit more obvious?

  16. Very nice. As the owner of both the “nph.me”  domain and the “@nph:disqus ”  twitter account I might be able to take this business card minimalism just a little bit further…

  17. I’d try to keep it clear, even if it isn’t as original.

    Just a test, in any case. polymeris.* are already taken, and I don’t even use twiter.

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