Graham "IT Crowd" Linehan adapts The Ladykillers for stage in London

Ooh, this does look good: Graham "The IT Crowd" Linehan has done a stage adaptation of The Ladykillers, a classic Ealing comedy recently remade (with moderate success) for modern audiences. The original film is a great bit of gonzo humour, everything I love about Linehan's work:

The celebrated Ealing comedy– THE LADYKILLERS comes to life on stage this Autumn in a hilarious and thrilling new adaption by Graham Linehan (Father Ted) and directed by Sean Foley (The Play What I Wrote).

Featuring a stellar cast of some of the finest stage and screen comedy actors including BAFTA winner Peter Capaldi (The Thick of It) as Professor Marcus along with James Fleet (The Vicar of Dibley), Ben Miller (The Armstrong and Miller Show), Stephen Wight (Evening Standard Outstanding Newcomer) and Olivier Award winner Clive Rowe with Marcia Warren as the sweetly innocent Mrs Wilberforce.

THE LADYKILLERS is a classic black comedy; a sweet little old lady, alone in her house, is pitted against a gang of criminal misfits who will stop at nothing…

Posing as amateur musicians, Professor Marcus and his gang rent rooms in the lopsided house of sweet but strict Mrs Wilberforce. The villains plot to involve her unwittingly in Marcus’ brilliantly conceived heist job. The police are left stumped but Mrs Wilberforce becomes wise to their ruse and Marcus concludes that there is only one way to keep the old lady quiet. With only her parrot, General Gordon, to help her, Mrs W. is alone with five desperate men. But who will be forced to face the music?

(via Why That's Delightful!)


  1. “I’ve always liked the idea of the theatre. The smell of the grease, the
    roar of the paint. I’ve often thought if I hadn’t ended up in
    computers, I would’ve gone into the theatre.”

    1. I was just coming in to make the joke that any British show seems to have at least a few people who’ve been on Doctor Who, as is true with this picture…

  2. I liked the first sentence of the Amazon review of the Coen Brothers remake:

    “If you’ve never enjoyed Alec Guinness in the classic 1955 British comedy that inspired it, the Coen brothers’ remake of The Ladykillers may well prove hilarious.”

  3. If this staging of ‘The Ladykillers’ is as funny as ‘The IT Crowd’, it should be hysterically funny.  That cast is outstanding.  Hope to see this on Broadway.  I get to NYC every few years.  This play would make a good reason to go a little sooner.

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