Zombie poodle

Zombie Poodle, an unsourced net-finding, shows how a little creative dog grooming can turn even the cutest dog-breeds into shambling zombies.

Just a Zombie Poodle (Pic) (via Neatorama)


  1. i’m a poodle lover and NOT embarrassed by it! they are not only athletic dogs, but they are wickedly intelligent and beyond loyal. they can’t help it if their human companions act like id-jits.

  2. Oooh, I’ve seen this on TV! It’s a grooming competition, and wow does it get crazy! This isn’t even one of the  wildest examples! Almost always poodles, but they truly sculpt and dye the fur into whatever they think up! Saw it on Animal Planet, I think. Animals aren’t harmed, and all dye is natural to the trade. Probably safer than human hair dye.

    1. A “fifi” is a prison term for… oh never mind.

      If looks of resentment could kill, THIS Fifi would be doing time.

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