Cory coming to Hamburg, Berlin and Munich


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  1. Merete says:

    how cool! But what a shame that it’s 10am on a Monday morning for us here in Hamburg.
    I’ll be at work :(

  2. Mark O'Neill says:

    Only three stops?  Lots of other places in Germany too you know!  

    If you were in Frankfurt, I may have been able to come and see you.  But for future tours, may I recommend the city where I live, which is the beautiful historical city of Würzburg?

  3. Christian Buggedei says:

    Merete: Same here, although I might be able to get a day free…

    I wonder how big that venue is though, sounds like a smallish museum bookshop. Still, I’ll try to be there! :)

  4. Cory Doctorow says:

    Most of the book tour consists of school stops (it’s a YA novel), but I always make sure to squeeze in a public stop at each place on the way.

    I know Germany’s a big place! But this is really all the time I could take; I got back from Italy on Sunday, I’m leaving for Norfolk today, heading to Germany on Sunday, straight from Germany to Philadelphia, NYC, and DC, without a break in between. There’s just no more schedule available for me.

    • Mark O'Neill says:

      Sorry Cory, I didn’t mean to come across as critical or anything.  Just disappointed.  But I know you must have a really tight schedule and the fact you are making the effort to come here speaks volumes in itself. 

      Hope you enjoy Germany.  I highly recommend getting a currywurst and a beer for lunch :-)  And I will try and come to meet you next time you are here.

  5. Kutuzof says:

    No Braunschweig this time? And when are you going to show Hannover some love?

  6. karohemd29 says:

    Can’t make it, unfortunately. But I told a friend in Munich (non-Boingboing-reader) who might be interested. Have fun!

  7. Mister44 says:

    I like this cover most out of all the others I have seen.

  8. Christian Buggedei says:

    anyway, I’ll be there on monday morning Cory. Looking forward to see you again! (And if you’ve got a few hours to kill afterwards – I took the day off and would be happy to be some sort of impromptu tour guide :) )

  9. If you are interested in arts, don’t miss two renessaince exhibitions in Berlin and Munich. I have gone to Germany just to see them (and taste some lager)

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