Cory coming to Hamburg, Berlin and Munich

I'm heading to Germany next week for a series of school visits and public appearances to promote the German edition of my novel For the Win. I'm doing public stops in Hamburg (Nov 7, 10AM, Hamburger Kinderbuchhaus im Altonaer Museum), Berlin (8PM, Sankt Oberholz), and Munich (7PM, Lovelybooks, livestream available). Full details at the site.


  1. how cool! But what a shame that it’s 10am on a Monday morning for us here in Hamburg.
    I’ll be at work :(

  2. Only three stops?  Lots of other places in Germany too you know!  

    If you were in Frankfurt, I may have been able to come and see you.  But for future tours, may I recommend the city where I live, which is the beautiful historical city of Würzburg?

  3. Merete: Same here, although I might be able to get a day free…

    I wonder how big that venue is though, sounds like a smallish museum bookshop. Still, I’ll try to be there! :)

  4. Most of the book tour consists of school stops (it’s a YA novel), but I always make sure to squeeze in a public stop at each place on the way.

    I know Germany’s a big place! But this is really all the time I could take; I got back from Italy on Sunday, I’m leaving for Norfolk today, heading to Germany on Sunday, straight from Germany to Philadelphia, NYC, and DC, without a break in between. There’s just no more schedule available for me.

    1. Sorry Cory, I didn’t mean to come across as critical or anything.  Just disappointed.  But I know you must have a really tight schedule and the fact you are making the effort to come here speaks volumes in itself. 

      Hope you enjoy Germany.  I highly recommend getting a currywurst and a beer for lunch :-)  And I will try and come to meet you next time you are here.

  5. Can’t make it, unfortunately. But I told a friend in Munich (non-Boingboing-reader) who might be interested. Have fun!

  6. anyway, I’ll be there on monday morning Cory. Looking forward to see you again! (And if you’ve got a few hours to kill afterwards – I took the day off and would be happy to be some sort of impromptu tour guide :) )

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