Paintwork: cyberpunk++ stories of killer augmented reality mechas and QR code graffiti writers


7 Responses to “Paintwork: cyberpunk++ stories of killer augmented reality mechas and QR code graffiti writers”

  1. EzE says:

    Read the sample, fun stuff! I’m sat in a rainy south Bristol right now and the billboard described is just down the road. Freaky :)

  2. phuzz says:

    Bristol represent :)

  3. digi_owl says:

    Thing is that a potential appeal of the Cyberpunk genre was the out there view on computing.

  4. andygates says:

    All that delicious Banksy is a good influence. :)

  5. technogeekagain says:

    That reminds me: NPR recently pointed out that there have been some malicious QR codes — crooks have taken to sticking their own QRs over others, which take you to a website that asks security-compromising questions or asks you to install a malware app or whatever.

    As always: Never install anything unless you know EXACTLY where you’re installing it from, why, and what it might do.

  6. Simon Barron says:

    @tecnogeekagain- If qr code Marketers utilise QR Code Generator Software Leaders then if the malicious code that is generated will be shown and the user will get a warning before they can process the code and progress to the malicious site.

  7. danygoel says:

    TxTImpact has Mobile QR codes or 2D code are codes in the same way as ordinary barcodes are, but their matrix structure can hold more information. The codes are also mobile in the sense that you can use the camera on your mobile device to scan and decode them. You can
    convert a web address (URL), a phone number, an email address or plain text into a mobile code. After scanning it with your camera phone, you will have instant access to the encoded information straight on the display of your mobile device.

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