Announcing Library Boing Boing at the American Library Association


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  1. clairesayswhat says:

    So super cool!! I’m not a member of ALA because I can’t afford their membership fee just yet, but I am 110% behind this! And put me on the list for librarians who are interested in speaking at TED. That would be the most awesome thing ever!

  2. Christopher says:

    I’m not technically a librarian, but I work at a library that is an ALA member. So naturally I’ll sign the petition, and after that, once the group is up and running, I’ll be joining. I’ve always appreciated BoingBoing’s coverage of library and library-related issues and this just adds even more to it.

  3. Lydia9 says:

    OK! I will get around to renewing that membership.

  4. John Farrier says:

    I haven’t been a member in about three years, but this will increase my motivation to change that status.

  5. devinise says:

    Signed. This might be the best thing to come of my membership.

  6. finette says:

    Signed! I was #231 out of 100 needed.

  7. MrMarieBlanc says:

    “… Library Boing Boing is a collaboration between ALA and the fabulously amazing Boing Boing folks to highlight all of the great new things libraries are doing.”

    It is true, the BoingBoing folks are fabulously amazing. :)

  8. zantony says:

    Signed, #244 of 100!  

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