The "random tattoo"


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  1. Guest says:

    Too Auschwitz-y for me.

    • fuckyoo says:

      *checks browser bar*…heh? u sure u werent lookin to comment on 4chan?

    • CountZero says:

      Huh? Jews were tattooed with a series of numbers. QR Codes were developed in Japan in the early 90′s. I truly fail to see any kind of connection, other than the tenuous fact that they’re both marks on skin.
      I think you need to examine whatever personal issues you obviously have.
      Personally, I think it’s brilliant, I wondered if it was possible to generate a QR code for something and get it tattooed, now I see it obviously is.
      Excellent idea, I wonder how it gets the random images?

    • benher says:

      Way to Godwin nuke the thread in the first post!

  2. I hope his domain never expires. That would be a real drag. “Grandpa, what is that weird blurry smudge on your arm??”

    “Oh, that’s just the remnants of a really dorky tattoo I got as a joke when I was young. It hasn’t been funny for about 40 years.”

  3. ferd says:

    “Bob, I got a bad feeling on this one, all right?  I mean I got a bad feeling!”
    Way to set a precedent for Big Brother.

  4. I think it’s super cool. I’ve been talking about ideas like this with my husband for a while but hadn’t seen someone do it yet.

  5. Nylund says:

    Handing out temporary tattoos using this same idea may be a fun compromise between the novelty of this and the concept of permanently marking your body without something bound to be obsolete relatively quickly.

  6. Matthew says:

    QR codes are garbage.  The other day, we were in the office, and the new boss had his business card made, with a QR code on it.  Guess he thought it was cool.  So, we try to find somebody with an app on their phone to read the thing… when we finally figured it out, it turns out the QR code is just a text version of what’s on his business card, without spaces, and looking like a mess.  Good job.  These things can’t go away fast enough.

    • Now if it had been a vcard or a mailto: link it might have almost been convenient.  Almost.

    • siloxane says:

      Just because your boss chose to encode something trivial and poorly formatted, it doesn’t mean that the whole format is garbage. That’s like saying books are worthless, because Sarah Palin wrote Going Rogue.

  7. Deidzoeb says:

    This makes me sad that my cousin lived and passed away in a time before tattooing or scanning technology or software could actually read his barcode tat.

    PS – Cue the inevitable MARK OF THE BEAST hand-wringing.

  8. Scott Collin says:

    Mom, hold still so I can scan your lower back. 

  9. sagodjur says:

    How many times do you have to scan it before you stumble upon this video? A little recursion is good the soul.

  10. Mark Smout says:

    One day maybe somebody will find a use for QR codes that isn’t utterly pointless. Today is clearly not that day, hence another internet fairy dies

    • siloxane says:

      Well, considering that QR codes were originally created by Toyota subsidiary DENSO to track vehicle parts during automobile manufacturing, they actually already do have a non-pointless use.

    • Brychanus says:

      They are/were incredibly useful in Japan, where the reign of Internet-enabled “feature phones” lasted much longer than in the US. Typing a URL can be pretty miserable on a phone keypad and the phone would come with scanning software. I see them everywhere to this day, though smartphones are finally gaining popularity.

  11. rtresco says:

    Even if the domain doesn’t die, it seems a bit much to saddle oneself with the yolk of generating content for the rest of ones life. Like starting a blog or tumblr and saying, “this one right here, this is the only one I’ll ever have and I’ll water and feed it everyday and everyone will love it.” Fast forwrd six months, “I hate my blog – I want a new one”.

    • Chip says:

      There is no need to curate if you don’t want to.  If you get bored, you could simply redirect to an image you like and leave it there.

      I started a tumblr on a whim back when it was new, and just realized I’ve stuck with it for nearly five years.  I could certainly see getting a tattoo that redirects to my tumblr for now, and if that ever goes away, redirecting to whatever is big and exciting at that time.

      My only concern is finding a domain that I can trust to still exist and that I will still have control over in a few decades.

    • franko says:

      if that happens, just have it redirect to a random wikipedia entry, or something.

  12. Brainspore says:

    Better hope he doesn’t get a new freckle that throws the whole thing off. Sure would suck to find out that it suddenly linked to, say, Two Girls One Cup.

  13. taintofevil says:

    Anyone want to scan my CueCat tattoo?  It links to my MySpace page!

  14. Jordan Wright says:

    Poorly executed, I have about 6 different QR code scanners on my iPhone and only 1 of them actually recognized the tattoo. and it certainly doesn’t connect to anything obvious if it isn’t a mobile phone. A Random QR code Generator gives me a totally different picture for the same URL. fun idea, badly executed.

  15. Xander says:

    So, this is the stuck-on-your-arm-for-a-lifetime equivalent to a stumbleupon button?

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