Teapot shaped like Dr McCoy's head

Mark Nathan Stafford made this "Bones" teapot fashioned in the likeness of DeForest "Dr McCoy" Kelley's noggin: "Stoneware. Dimensions: 11 inches in height by 9 inches in width by 9 inches in depth. 2011. Pours from left ear."

“Doctor Bones” Teapot (via Neatorama)


  1. Nononononononononooooo  NO!

    Especially the phallic steeper, and that toupee lid makes me feel squeemish too.

  2. Wow. The douche nozzle steeper, the tonsure cozy lid… this is one of those rare things that starts off so weird, then edges into appalling, only to come out the other side being kind of awesome. It’s the Uncrappy Valley effect.

  3. I suspect the mold for hollow-casting the bust already existed and the teapot evolved from “What else can one do with a hollow bust”..


    1. I only came to the comments to note that, since it pours from the ear, it really ought to be Checkov’s head.

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