Ancient Greek punishments: the 8-bit Flashgame edition


8 Responses to “Ancient Greek punishments: the 8-bit Flashgame edition”

  1. Lobster says:

    I prefer Rock of Ages for my Sisyphus simulator.

  2. DavidCulberson says:

    Woo!  I made it half way there as Zeno!

  3. dmatos says:

    I think the games are broken.  I wasn’t able to win any of them :(

  4. morkl says:

    That’s just mean… (spoiler alert)

  5. Listener43 says:

    Bah – livers are overrated.

  6. kirkjerk says:

    Heh, cute.
    I did something similar awhile back:
    Virtual Sisyphus:
    Virtual Tantalus:
    Virtual Prometheus Bound:
    Not quite as physically punishing as these, but I plan to convert Virtual Sisyphus to iOS 

  7. Lexicat says:

    The Great Book of Sequels had the Sysiphus versus the Rock video game for Existendo…

  8. Being a geek and a pedant I was all “I bet I can beat the Zeno’s Paradox sim by floating point buffer overflow”, but nope – he thought of that:

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