Cabbage flute

This clever fellow has made a flute* out of a cabbage.

* (or possibly an ocarina)

Cabbage slide flute-Lightly Row- (via Tokyomango)


  1. Last sentence in the video: “My ears hurt.”

    Also, he calls it a “flute,” and who am I to question him? ;-)

  2. I always love his deadpan translated video descriptions:

    “I made musical instruments from the cabbage. 
    A very high sound is heard.”


  3. Slide whistle meets flute … meets  cabbage.
    He might be able to get a deeper pitch from it if he hallowed it out. 

    1. No, he’s not getting a pitch out of the cabbage, he’s getting it out of the wooden flute thing that he’s shoved through it.

      1. Oh, ye of little faith.
        This is not the man’s first musical vegetable. He has 31(!) videos featuring homemade vegetable instruments on YouTube. 28 if you’re a stickler for rules and refuse to classify (ostrich-)eggs and mushrooms as vegetables.

  4. I’m gonna say slide flute, as it is played transverse and he is forming an embouchere. Not an ocarina, as there is no fipple. 

    1. Or MAYBE it’s a panpipe (which he has shoved through a hole in the cabbage), because he’s blowing transverely across the TOP, not the side like a flute. Now I’m picturing one of those native Andes bands like you see in San Francisco, on the subway in NY, and- strangely- in Istanbul dressed up like plains Indians, and their panpipes are all shoved through various produce items.

  5. No he didn’t, he just shoved a flutey thing through a hole in the cabbage. Or am I missing something here?

      1. Well, I assume there’s a hollow cut through the core of the cabbage and he’s using the stick to control the depth of the cavity he’s blowing over.  That being said, I really hope they didn’t have coleslaw later…

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