Cabbage flute


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  1. guanto says:

    Last sentence in the video: “My ears hurt.”

    Also, he calls it a “flute,” and who am I to question him? ;-)

  2. irksome says:

    “Listen to this cabbage flute. Just listen to it.”

  3. Mark Malone says:

    I have a flute made out of skin.

  4. voiceinthedistance says:

    Better tone than the skin flute, although he holds his mouth the same way.

  5. splashu says:

    I always love his deadpan translated video descriptions:

    “I made musical instruments from the cabbage. 
    A very high sound is heard.”


  6. Brad H. says:

    If that was napa cabbage, the Koreans would go apeshit.

  7. Matthew Wong says:

    Slide whistle meets flute … meets  cabbage.
    He might be able to get a deeper pitch from it if he hallowed it out. 

    • Elisabeth Broe says:

      No, he’s not getting a pitch out of the cabbage, he’s getting it out of the wooden flute thing that he’s shoved through it.

      • citizen says:

        Oh, ye of little faith.
        This is not the man’s first musical vegetable. He has 31(!) videos featuring homemade vegetable instruments on YouTube. 28 if you’re a stickler for rules and refuse to classify (ostrich-)eggs and mushrooms as vegetables.

  8. zachstronaut says:

    Golden opportunity missed to do the classic roooOOOOOOooooWHOOP slide whistle cartoon sound effect with a cabbage.

  9. jahxman says:

    I’m gonna say slide flute, as it is played transverse and he is forming an embouchere. Not an ocarina, as there is no fipple. 

    • Too many words I don’t know; and that’s in reference to your comment, not the Japanese chap.

    • Elisabeth Broe says:

      Or MAYBE it’s a panpipe (which he has shoved through a hole in the cabbage), because he’s blowing transverely across the TOP, not the side like a flute. Now I’m picturing one of those native Andes bands like you see in San Francisco, on the subway in NY, and- strangely- in Istanbul dressed up like plains Indians, and their panpipes are all shoved through various produce items.

  10. Marktech says:

    I love the way that cabbage just appears.  Nae cabbage… cabbage.

  11. GawainLavers says:

    I’m just grateful it isn’t a goddamn ukulele.

  12. bo1n6bo1n6 says:

    let me pack up my apple pipe and give that another listen…

  13. Elisabeth Broe says:

    No he didn’t, he just shoved a flutey thing through a hole in the cabbage. Or am I missing something here?

    • guanto says:

      He says it’s a “stick” though, which I take to mean it’s solid. Who knows though…

      • Culturedropout says:

        Well, I assume there’s a hollow cut through the core of the cabbage and he’s using the stick to control the depth of the cavity he’s blowing over.  That being said, I really hope they didn’t have coleslaw later…

  14. Red Pill Junkie says:

    Dude’s expressions were more entertaining than his actual musical antics.

  15. RJ says:

    Imagine “Nola” played entirely with comestibles.

  16. anton wassiljew says:

    there is a great tradition in vienna – the vienna vegetable orchestra

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