Accessorizing with cats

Photos of famous people with cats thrown jauntily over their shoulders: It's my new favorite cat meme. Visit Heather Archuletta's Facebook collection for more shots like this. Besides Frank Zappa, she's got David Bowie, Freddy Mercury, and more.

Thanks, Joanne Manaster!


      1. The Kitty album should be completely public… all one needs is a Facebook account :)

        Then it’s not completely public. You can set your Facebook page to be open to people who don’t have accounts. Or as I call them, sane people. Now get off my lawn.

          1. I have no idea, because I don’t have an FB account.  Celebrities generally have them completely public, since it’s just PR, so there must be a box to check somewhere.

          2. Antinous… you are confusing “Fan Pages” with Facebook accounts. Many celebrities have both.  I am not a celebrity, just someone who put together some similar pictures as a joke  in my personal account, and one of the Boing Boing writers chose to blog about it.  So, there isn’t a box to check somewhere. My albums are as open as they can be set … but you need an account to view other people’s accounts.

  1. LOL, thanks for sharing, Joanne & Maggie… you are awesome!!  Talk about a joke that started innocently with one picture, and later snowballed unexpectedly.  I had fun putting this collection together and have a few more to share… :)

  2. Could somebody mirror this somewhere those of us without Facebook can see it? Maybe BoingBoing could put things like this on their own site before posting?

  3. My late cat used to do this.  He would go somewhere high like a refrigerator or book case, then jump down onto my shoulder.  I got used to it pretty quickly, but it wigged a couple friends out when he’d do it to them.  He only used his claws for purchase when someone shrieked, otherwise he was gentle. 

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