Italian Isaac Asimov graffiti


6 Responses to “Italian Isaac Asimov graffiti”

  1. pipenta says:

    Gosh, he looks rather reptilian here, and not just because he’s green!

  2. jere7my says:

    I love the graffiti in Rome, all the way back to the Alexamenos graffito. This one, though crude, is one of my favorites, for being so baffling:

  3. hypersomniac says:

    that’s dope!

  4. Mister44 says:

    I need to find my two cool pics of graffiti. The first was on a train, with Milhouse from the Simpsons on it and it says, “Everything is coming up Millhouse.”

    The second was a stencil graffiti of R. Lee Ermy in Rome. I think it was from his role in Full Metal Jacket (the drill Sargent).  I met him at a book signing once and gave him a photo of it. He also told us the awesome story of how he got that role.

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