Using bundles of PVC pipes to make motion-blurred sculptures


12 Responses to “Using bundles of PVC pipes to make motion-blurred sculptures”

  1. Labbit says:

    I don’t suppose this is how ducks see the world after a couple good hits??

  2. noah django says:

    this pleases me

  3. Is this a sculpture of a bird?
    Or perhaps some kind of plane?

    Either way, a delight.

  4. Candy Critic says:

    There are a few sculptures here in Athens that are made of broken glass that have the same effect.

  5. kartwaffles says:

    I think Mitch Hedberg would have had something to say about this. Anybody want a chicken fajita sub? I got the munchies real bad just now.

  6. Sebastian Wiers says:

    Linked gallery site has


  7. schmittenhammer says:

    So this is the opposite of a stroboscope? Which makes fast moving things look still……………………..

  8. bunaen says:

    It looks faster than a… than a… well, faster than something really fast!

  9. Josh Jasper says:

    You should see what his brother Kodos does with pie plates and dried macaroni.

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