Princess Bride V-Day screening & feast at Alamo Drafthouse

Austin's astoundingly great Alamo Drafthouse cinema is hosting a Valentine's Night "Princess Bride Quote-Along & Feast" with Rodents of Unusual Size on the menu, and special Inconceivable wine.

We love this movie every bit as deeply as Westley loves his Buttercup, and so when we discussed launching our very own Alamo Signature Wine collection, we immediately knew that we had to start by featuring none other than THE PRINCESS BRIDE. We partnered with the good people at Helms Workshop to produce artwork for two varietals, and this February we are pleased to introduce the world to The Bottle of Wits, featuring an Inconceivable Cab and the As You Wish White!



  1. Another reason why I should live in Austin.  And damn, my mouth is watering after reading that menu!

          1. They’re not?! And all this time… , my biology teacher was an a$$hole. Just wait till I find that no good so and so.

        1. Came here to say exactly that. Glad you already got this one.

          Was it too expensive? Surely, one can get Chiguiro meat in the states. Also in a pinch they could just pop over to New Orleans and pick out some big old Nutria(Coypu), which honestly more resembles ROUSs than either cows or Cabybaras. But you may have problems with the health commission over that one.

  2. If, as they say, the As You Wish White “is perfect for relaxing after a daring escape through the fire swamp,” why do they pair it with the course before the fire swamp?

  3. Thanks for posting this Cory!  Alamo is not only in Austin.  I just bought my tickets to the event at the Alamo in Winchester, Virginia.  Conveniently located in the middle of the East Coast.  Now I just have to wait two weeks…Inconceivable!

  4. One of the many reasons I love living in Austin. (And yes, there are a few out there in other cities — I hope they’re as good as the ones here!)

  5. I often say that the less I know about a movie going into it the more I usually enjoy it, and, as an example, I always cite The Princess Bride. Two of my friends showed up at my house one night, said, “Hey, we’re gonna go see a movie. Wanna come?” They didn’t need to ask. I didn’t care that I’d never heard of this movie and had no clue what it was about. It didn’t matter that I was in for an hour and a half of pure joy.

    And now I see that this event is sold out. Thanks so much for that. Why don’t you just give me a nice paper cut and pour lemon juice in it?

  6. In October 1987, I married my beautiful bride. That night we went to see The Princess Bride for the first time. What a great way to start a marriage!! Our son, who is on the cusp of 24, became a big fan at the age of 3. It is a great movie, a great love story, and has the greatest sword fight in movie history. What more could one ask from a movie?

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