Ralph Waldo Emerson's head made out of electrical outlets and switches


10 Responses to “Ralph Waldo Emerson's head made out of electrical outlets and switches”

  1. wow its kinda breathtaking . brilliant .

  2. bobk says:


  3. nixiebunny says:

    Hey! If you roll your chair back from the monitor a few feet, it looks just like Ralph Waldo Emerson!

  4. nixiebunny says:

    The best use of stuff from a store is the thing that it’s not made for.

  5. bingobangoboy says:

    I was about to make some cynical joke about how it looks more like (random person), but nixiebunny is right!

  6. 9bytz says:

    Awesome! Love these kinds of creations! So cool!! I like the mammoth on your website as well, and also this optimus prime and bison sculptures made from recycled parts are pretty cool!

  7. ill lich says:

    “I sing the body electric!”

    Oh, wait, that was Whitman, nevermind. . . .

  8. urbanspaceman says:

    More people should see this. Perhaps we should give it a plug!

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