Aibo, Japan's Beatboxing Princess, with and without cats (video)

Aibo is a skilled beatboxer from Japan.

Here's her YouTube channel, and you can follow her on Twitter. Above, a little video featuring her work from MyISH.

The MyISH folks tell us she's "a friend/protege" of fellow Japanese beatboxer Hikakin, who was recently featured here on Boing Boing.

I approve, and most of all I approve of her collaboration with a cat named Nao (below).

(thanks, Jeff Kunken!)


  1. “What is it?”
    “Sir, it’s the Cute circuits – they’re overloading!”
    “Cue the baseball game, quick”
    “It’s too late, sir – we’re done”

    1. And now you will have round beatbox kittens. Boxbeat kittens? Maru – round, Nao – now? Nao? NaoMaru – streetfighting cat?

  2. I only liked the cat one.

    Training a cat to make those noises is a lot more impressive than doing it yourself.

  3. It’s hard to take someone seriously when they name themselves Aibo. She’s not bad though… pity her ‘dubstep’ switches tempo several times – regular tempo is what really sets a beatboxer apart from the competition.

    If you’re talking Japanese beatbox you can’t go past Afra. You’ve seen the rest – now see the best:

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