Just look at this mutant triple banana.

Just look at it.

I see your double banana, and raise you another banana... I introduce MUTANT TRIPLE BANANA! (i.imgur.com)


  1. Certain herbicides which a plant encounters at sub lethal levels can cause developmental problems particularly in fruit.

    So if you want to eat herbicide then be my guest.

    1. Commercially grown bananas are often shrouded in plastic bags with pesticides & hormones piped in while they’re growing. If you eat store-bought bananas at all, you’re probably getting dosed.

  2. Incontrovertible proof of a creator…

    Anyway, this person’s cereal:banana ratio is gonna be waaaaayyyy off.

  3. I want a pan flute made out of giant mutant dried bananas. I could then unseat Zamfir as “god of the pan flute”! Don’t worry, I’ll be very kind to you mere mortals as your God-King.

  4. Makes me wish I kept and photographed the mutant 5 and 6 fused bunches they were selling last year, when Australia’s banana crops were decimated me a tropical cyclone and any-old banana stocks had to be sold as a result.

    Lots bunches that were half fused, but with the bottom halves still separated. Hard to peel without destroying them, but when you did they were mutant, tentacled banana monsters.

    1. I, too, am now forced to believe in a creator. And that this creator has – all this time – been favouring not us, but the bananavorous three-toed-sloth. Woe, woe and thrice woe.

    1. I wish they’d go back to one blade on razor cartridges instead of two or three plus a slime-strip. It’s like shaving with an anvil. And maybe you wouldn’t have to take out a second mortgage to buy blades.

      1. Use an old-school safety razor with double-edged single blades. The blades last longer than the newfangled monstrosities and are dirt-cheap – ~15-30 cents each depending on your source (and they are still sold in many stores so they’re not hard to find – the handle/holder you may have to order online but I got mine at a flea market for $4). And they work far better at actually shaving, at least for me.

  5. Banana is the largest herbaceous flowering plant.  I used to work in an office building with a big atrium full of wild tropicals.  They had a plant that produced tiny bunches of pink bananas on stalks that grew from a big corm.  Most people simply could not be convinced that they were real, even as they walked by them every day while they grew.

  6. I see your 3 bananas smooshed together and raise you 6 bananas smooshed together!

    Except I don’t have 6 bananas. But I’m quite sure if I had 6 bananas and a camera with an internet connection, I could post a picture of 6 bananas smooshed together just as effectively as this person posted 3.

  7. Ok. . . uh. . .  I am not typically into. . .  bananas, but that just makes me. . . erm. . . hungry

  8. Not long after my parents got married they went to the market and found a gigantic banana. When they got home and peeled it open there were 2 bananas inside. My mom has a picture of my dad with it. So I guess it’s not unheard of…

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