Sushi that looks like a Japanese Battleship

Brian Ashcraft sez, "A Japanese art student named Mayuka Nakamura created 'sushi warships' based on famous Japanese warships of the past. In Japanese, ikura is often served as 'gunkan maki', which means 'battleship roll sushi'. Nakamura took that imagery and went one step further by creating sushi that actually looked like real battleships."

Imperial Warships Made from Sushi Will Make You Fat (Thanks, Brian!)


  1. Make sushi skyscrapers next! Then we can go on a Godzilla-style rampage whenever it’s time to eat!

  2. Cant wait for a Space Yamato Gunkan Maki to float in some soy sauce and wasabi and then crash in my mouth with delicious consequences.
    Great, now i crave for some Japanese  food…

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