Desktop versions of hilltop power-line towers

Industrial designer Daniel Ballou, of Long Beach, CA, creates some pretty sweet housewares. Pictured here are his desktop power lines, which are based on the reasoning that if this form works to organize cabling as it passes over houses, hills and dales, it will likely suit the needs of desktop cable-management as well. Ballou also makes miniaturized home-use cargo containers that make handsome storage boxes.

Ballou Projects (via Core77)


  1. those are wonderful… though, they don’t look as though it would be terribly difficult to make your own.

  2. I can’t wait for the small trencher that will gouge a 2″ deep trench across your desk/floor, whatever, so we can bury those unsightly wires!

  3. I find them like I find the real thing: ugly. All they need now is a little forest clear cut on the side of a mountain.

  4. If those aren’t Sennheiser HDs, then I’m a monkey’s uncle. The dude’s got taste, that’s for sure.

  5. I like the full-size versions, stretched out over an expanse of land. On a desk, it seems to clutter everything up though. I think there’s a reason that there are infinitely more discreet wire-consolidating options for desks.

  6. I love these things! 

    I’ve been obsessed with power line towers as long as I can remember. There’s something both ominous and dramatic about them.

  7. Just in time for everything to go wireless.  Unfortunately powerlines are one of the things that North Americans have used to make our landscapes ugly.  Imagine walking down the street and not seeing cords hanging everywhere…

  8. These would look great on top of the piles of paper, empty DVD cases, jars of pens and screws on my desk.

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