The proper way to eat Easter eggs

This is how it's done. A ring-tailed coati mauls and slurps Easter eggs in Zagreb Zoo April 8, 2012. (REUTERS/Antonio Bronic)


  1. Funny thing about “Easter” (image attached). Also, …not to mention “star”, stella”, “stera”, “astra”, “ster” ..or even “ESTRELLA”, or ..”asteri” (greek), “sitara”(hindu)…

  2. God, reminds me of running to school with a couple of boiled eggs in my mouth (my mother wouldn’t let me touch those tetra-pak nutritional supplement drinks, for important people on the move). I have now progressed to power walking while stuffing hot coffee and a small croissant in my mouth at once.  

  3. Ring-tailed coati don’t care. Ring-tailed coati don’t give a shit. Ring-tailed coati just takes what it wants.

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