Another reason not to text while walking: 300-pound bear roaming streets of LA


52 Responses to “Another reason not to text while walking: 300-pound bear roaming streets of LA”

  1. satn says:

    brb shtng pnts

  2. David Kopelman says:

    here kitty, kitty….

  3. joeposts says:

    There’s gotta be an app for that. 

  4. Brian says:

    When you see it, you’ll shit bricks.

  5. tosh79 says:

    haha, five seconds later on his twitter account…  WTF! BEAR!

  6. Chuck says:

    Now I’m wondering about all those times I’ve absent-mindedly stuck a hand out to let a passing dog sniff it.

  7. Brainspore says:


    No, seriously. Shoo!

  8. Svenski says:

    Not exactly the streets of L.A.  This was in La Crescenta, north of L.A. – L.A. County, yes, L.A., no.

    • Jim Saul says:

      You’re the bear, aren’t you?

      • angusm says:

        Pending the resolution of his lawsuit against the La Crescenta police department for assault, wrongful arrest and illegal detention, Svenski has been advised by his lawyer to neither confirm nor deny that he is the bear in question. He can, however, confirm that additional lawsuits may be filed with respect to defamation, specifically groundless allegations of meatball theft made by local residents and news organizations.

        • Svenski says:

          Okay, now in full pedant mode.  There is no La Crescenta PD, it’s Glendale PD with a few sweeps by the L.A. County Sheriff’s (aka The Briggs Piggs).

          • Guest says:

            Did somebody eat your porridge? ;)

          • GlenBlank says:

            Heh.  I’m just glad you beat me to it.  

            ‘La Crescenta’ is a fake-Spanish name made up by a doctor from Indiana, who thought it was Spanish for “the crescent” – referring to three local crescent-shaped valleys.

            It’s not a city itself – the name refers to an area that’s part of unincorporated Montrose and part of the northern tip of Glendale.

            Montrose isn’t LA, and it doesn’t border LA – but you *can* see LA from there on a clear day. :-)

            (Curiosity: “Briggs Piggs”?  Is that a reference to Briggs Terrace?)

          • zuben says:

            peda bear?

  9. angusm says:

    Could we get about a dozen of those here in NYC? We have a serious problem with “texting zombies”, and I’m thinking that a few black bears might be just what we need.

  10. smoovjay says:

    This is pretty much exactly the same thing

    • ComradeQuestions says:

      I’m sick of these constant bear attacks. It’s like a frickin’ country bear jambaroo around here!

  11. Ryan says:

    This video has been removed by the user. Sorry about that :/

    Does anyone have a re-upload?

  12. Julie Dole says:

    What that guy needed was a guard cat!

  13. Quiche de Resistance says:

    I have had it with these melon farming bears on this melon farming sidewalk!

  14. Svenski says:

    That bear made it pretty far from the foothills and to have crossed under the 210 before being darted is impressive.

  15. I live in Montana, where we do worry about bears when we are in some places, but seeing one in a California town.  .   .

    • Brainspore says:

      Actually a lot of places in California have bears… we ARE home to Yosemite National Park, after all. Major cities and their suburbs are another matter though.

      • GlenBlank says:

        Heck, the LA area used to have grizzly bears, too, before they were hunted to extinction in the late 19th century.

        (Hey, for that matter, the LA area used to have dire wolves and mammoths and giant ground sloths.  Most of those disappeared right around the same time that the first evidence of local human habitation turns up.)

        • Brainspore says:

          California even had a brief stint of (largely symbolic) independence as “The Bear Flag Republic” for a couple of weeks in 1846. In fact the state flag is pretty much the only lasting legacy of that little revolt.

  16. AquaDad says:

    300 pounds. Man! We are too weight conscious here in Socal. It’s Springtime. Bear hasn’t eaten since December, right?

  17. Antinous / Moderator says:

    We had a bear downtown a couple of years ago.  Honestly, when you’ve already got mountain lions, bears don’t seem that terrifying.

  18. Guest says:

    So a guy walks into a bear….

  19. sarahfenix says:

    Follow @TheGlendaleBear on Twitter!

  20. vrplumber says:

    He is lucky that the bear wasn’t hungry or feeling threated.  

    His flight response could have caused the bear to chase him, although repressing the instinct to run from danger in that situation seems almost impossible.

    @ Antinous/Moderator

    Ok, if i get to wear yummy parsley, I’m definitely sticking around :)

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      If the bear is hungry, you’re supposed to run; failing to do so is like tucking a sprig of parsley behind your ear.

    • tomrigid says:

      10 million years don’t lie. Run from the bear, as fast as you can.

      • Cowicide says:

        It was LA, I’m surprised he didn’t rush the bear, jump on top of him and take him for a joyride. A bear-jacking, if you will.

  21. Ed Falk says:

    How is it that nobody has posted this Onion link yet?,16928/

  22. Cowicide says:

    Costco meatballs no more

    Couldn’t Obama retrofit the drones to air drop the bear some Costco meatballs in the woods?

  23. Preston Sturges says:

    This makes TheOnions classic bear story “Breaking News: Some Bullshit Happening Somewhere” even more funny, if that’s possible.

  24. Sean Nelson says:

    Video was taken down on a copyright claim by the Tribune :(

    • Sean Nelson says:

      Wow – I watched the original video on KTLA’s website.  They make you watch a new ad every time you replay the video.  That’s really obnoxious.

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