Teacup chandelier


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  1. Mark Langford says:

    Looks like something from Alice in Wonderland…

  2. dbrown says:

    How does “Designer unknown, but it begs for a remake” jibe with “Did Urban Outfitters rip off an indie designer, again?”

  3. fred the monkey says:

    That’s pretty cool; it reminds me of the chandelier I made for a client out of coffee cups. If anyone is interested, I’d be glad to show examples. Just not sure how much of a shill I can/should be in this forum…
    -fred the monkey aka Michael Pendleton/MP Custom Made

  4. mccrum says:

    If you visit the Calhoun Mansion in Charleston you’ll hear the tale of Tiffany’s, who sent the owner a sake set for their wedding.  Being tee-totalers, the wife refused it.  Being a large spender in the Tiffany store, she demanded a chandelier.

    Six months later, it arrives.  It had been made from the sake set.

  5. jc collins says:

    Uses tea lights no doubt

  6. MoiOfRa says:

    On Monday I visited the Rothschild family estate, Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire (managed by the National Trust). In amongst the horrendous baroque furniture I spotted a great chandelier made from broken china, and have found out more about it here:

  7. Swizzlebat says:

    If you’re in the Bay Area, Jana Olsen at Panache Lighting makes this sort of thing as part of her Kitchenware series. They’re marvelous, one-of-a-kind pieces from an honest-to-gosh indie artisan. Check ‘em out:

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