Gym machine modified to play Portal theme song (video)

[Video Link] A student modified this gym machine's CPU to play the theme song from Portal. Modding unlikely machines to play Portal is kind of a thing!

(thanks, jennybean42!)


  1. Great hack. But… ok, the highest parts of the tune have been moved an octave lower, which I can understand, because in the original register they might have been out of range. BUT THE LOWEST NOTES ARE AN OCTAVE TOO LOW! does not compute…

    1. i’m not a musician, but doesn’t it make some sense to try to maintain the same dynamic frequency range?

  2. I had a really difficult afternoon. That my submitterated thing made the page just gave me a MUCh needed smile– just like the video in the first place.  :-)

  3. I just played that with my infant sleeping behind me and she seemed to like it. Now I’d really love to have a GlaDOS-shaped wind up music box for her crib…

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