Where the wild west booze bottles ended up

An update to the saga of Marty's dad's collection of handmade wild west whisky bottles: they've been acquired by the Autry National Center. They'll be part of a 2013 special exhibition on the wild west in pop culture. Yee-haw!


  1. Just checked out the original post and will bet anything Marty’s dad is from Montana, judging by the name of the tavern he put on the “window.”  No idea why it was so popular, but my hometown of Livingston (and just about every other Big Sky burg I’ve ever been through) has a “Mint” tavern.  Anyone know if that’s just a Montana thing, or do Wyoming, Idaho, North Dakota, etc. have their share of “Mints” too?

  2. I thought this was going to be about finding a mine shaft or some other sort of stash filled to the brim with all the broken whiskey bottles from old west bar fights.

    Alternatively, a photo essay documenting all the bottles that outlaws casually tossed aside while riding their horses off into the sunset, which can be seen peeking through the sand all across the west.

    I do remember the original post about these though and I’m glad they’re going to the Autry museum. I’m sure a private collector would have taken good care of them, but this is a great thing for a museum to have. I regret never getting around to going to the Autry museum while I lived in southern California, though I’ve been to the LA zoo (which it’s right next to) and Griffith Park plenty of times. It’s on my huge mental list of things I failed to do in CA while living there for three years or so, which I hope to be able to do when/if I can move back.

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