Chris Bathgate's machined-metal sculpture book: the making of beautiful, abstracted, stern but inviting forms

Sculptor Chris Bathgate writes, "I have just self-published my first book of sculptures that features all of my machined metal sculptures from 2007-2011 as well as technical drawings and process images."

We've written about Chris's work before. He produces some of the most beautiful machined-metal pieces I've seen, somehow stark and embellished at the same time. I called them "beautiful, abstract machined forms with edges that look like they'd cut and curves that are cold and stern. They're like the gleaming brass sex-organs of some exotic, alien life form." The book looks like some kind of wonderful (see the excerpts after the jump). Chris Bathgate Metal Work (Thanks, Chris!)


8 Responses to “Chris Bathgate's machined-metal sculpture book: the making of beautiful, abstracted, stern but inviting forms”

  1. Jud Turner says:

    Gorgeous work, and not someone I knew of previously. I love seeing industrial processes re-purposed for sheer function-less beauty.
     Thanks for the post Cory!

  2. Before I scrolled down and saw the whole thing, I saw the beginnings of a Goatse. Ah, I miss the good old days round here. 

  3. NelC says:

    They look like the kind of things that game designers put in SF god-games, like Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri. I love ‘em!

  4. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    The first one(I don’t know whether intentionally or not) has a somewhat sinister aspect because of the close resemblance of the protuberances to the streamlined version of the S-8 rocket launch pods found clinging like egg sacs to assorted eastern bloc ground attack aircraft… 

  5. ryuthrowsstuff says:

    Can’t help but think of Brisco County Jr. when looking at that first photo.

  6. Kimmo says:

    Wow. This guy is doing all sorts of cool stuff to make his art happen… very impressive, and I dig his innovation a lot.

    It speaks pretty strongly to the large chunk of my brain devoted to considering state-of-the-art racing bikes as sculpture… I wonder if he’ll take it a step further and start making articulated and even automated gear…? That would be très molto cool.

    I too thought of game design, not to mention scifi movie set design.

  7. noggin says:

    Pretty sure I found something like this in my mom’s bedside drawer when I was a kid, lying right next to a tube of some kind of gel and bunch of AA batteries.

  8. Tony Murray says:

    I do the same thing and its nice to know that this is getting the credit and recognition it deserves within the framework of the “Art World”     Nice works  Chris !

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