Online narration workshop

StarShipSofa's Tony Smith sez, "StarShipSofa is holding a Online Narrators Workshop 10th June 2012 (4PM BST), carried out online by some of the best voice actors working today in the genre field. Guest Speakers are Kate Baker (Clarkesworld Magazine), Peter Seaton-Clark (Offstimmer), Mike Boris (MikeBorisAudio), and Nathan Lowell (Author Solar Clipper). StarShipSofa built its reputation by featuring science fiction from the best authors of our time, from living legends whose works have inspired generations to the rising stars of the genre. StarShipSofa's focus on quality science fiction has brought it an enthusiastic worldwide audience as well as the honor of being the first podcast in history to receive the Hugo Award. Who better to host a workshop for aspiring voice actors and narrators? If you wish to raise your narrating skills to the next level, join StarShipSofa and its special guests at this exciting workshop."


  1. I love listening to weekly story podcasts, especially the horror and sci-fi ones. There is so much great stuff out there for free (until I donate because it’s worth it!).
    But I have to say, sometimes the narrator puts me off the story. Sometimes they will put on an affected voice (“sexy” voices are particularly offputting in vampire stories), or there will be a special voice effect which obscures the words, or sadly the narrator just doesn’t do a good job of reading.
    While audiobooks and podcasts are great, I think they should avoid bringing too much to the rendition, and instead leave it neutral, as close to the written word as possible. Let the words speak for themselves.
    I guess there may be a market for the same story read by different people, in the same way that the same piece of music is performed by a different orchestra and conductor.
    That said, I much prefer a human to a TTS program.

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