Zelda fire for your decorative fireplace

For $110, Etsy seller JamesBit will custom-paint a Zelda-themed faux fire to size for display in your decorative fireplace. (via Wil Wheaton)


  1. Considering someone else designed the sprite, and he’s essentially doing a paint-by-numbers on a simple grid layout, that seems redonk steep.

    Also, link says $150, not $110. Even at $110, cuckoo bananas expensive.

      1. Guy had an idea no one else had and dared trying to make some non-minimum wage cash with it. I don’t see the problem.  On top of that, saying you can do it and actually doing it is not something that happens very often.

        1. But if we can’t obtain quirky, unique, artisanal works on the same terms that can be secured from a pacific-rim drop ship shop, why bother?

      2. Maybe easiest just to print out the image.  I need to see if there’s a decent hi-res version of it somewhere…

      3. What you’re probably ignoring is just how long it would take to paint all those perfect squares. You could try masking them off, but even that takes time (it’s hard to get them just so) and every edge would still need to be cleaned up afterwards. So if you take the $150 he’s asking for, subtract your estimated $40 for sheet metal and paint, subtract in a few more dollars for brushes and tape ($5, let’s say, though on sheet metal he may used a paint gun) and how much large a cut will go to Uncle Sam (at least 1/3), you’re looking at about $70 that he gets to keep. Maybe I’m not very clever, but I can’t figure out how I’d paint that in any less than 3 hours. So, $23/hr. Guess if he paints 8 hr/day, seven days a week it’s a decent gig, but somehow I doubt it.

        1. You’re right! I didn’t consider this.

          However, you could just giclee print directly to canvas. It’s not too difficult with the proper equipment and would utterly annihilate the time expenditure.

  2. This would be nine times more awesome if the “fireplace” actually animated. I’m thinking square titles with microprocessor-controlled LEDs behind them, it’s really just a small matter of Arduino.

    And probably a few hundred bucks more if it’s handmade of course.

  3. I’d rather install a flatscreen into the fireplace. Or, more likely, build a fake fireplace enclosure around a flatscreen.

  4. Seems like perhaps a simpler DIY solution could be to paint a bunch of wood cubes & glue them together.  No need to mask off the canvas or fit perfectly to size :)

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