HOWTO make cupcakewurst

What happens when you stuff sausage casings with cupcake-batter? That's what Stef from the Cupcake Project set out to discover. Short answer: sheer, heart-stopping deliciousness. Stef's produced a detailed HOWTO for making your own cupcakewurst. Suggested serving: "Serve warm on Long John doughnuts with raspberry sauce."

It took a lot of experimentation to conquer Cupcakewurst. I had hoped to be able to cook the Cupcakewurst entirely on the grill, but I found that the direct heat of the grill was more than the poor sausages could handle - they kept exploding and meeting their demise on the coals. I had the same problem in the oven: when I cooked the Cupcakewurst at the standard cupcake baking temperature of 350 F, they kept bursting open. I finally found the sweet spot of baking at 325 F and only filling the casings halfway. Even so, some of the casings still got small holes in them during baking. At 325 F, however, the cake cooked enough before the casings broke that only a small amount of batter oozed out through the holes. The small mess could easily be wiped up and the sausages were all usable.

This was my first time working with sausage casing and I found it to be really fun! It's a cross between a giant slippery noodle and a condom. It's stretchy and (comments above about it popping in the oven aside) fairly hard to accidentally break.

Cupcakewurst (via Neatorama)


  1. Instead of cupcake batter, use brownie batter – it doesn’t expand much.

    You could call it brown pudding.  Y’know, white pudding, black pudding…

    1. Jokes aside, I don’t really like regular brownies that much (other than the crusts). I’m guessing someone from “Cupcake Project” prefers cupcakes too :)

    1. This goes in the “looks like shit but tastes like gold” category, along with chocolate pudding, peanut clusters, soft serve and kopi luwak.

    2. There should be a word for that moment of delusional thought where I go to a comments section thinking I might just maybe be the first person on the entire internet to make the obvious joke.

      … unless that word is tool, and I am one.

      … oh no…

      1. Now you’re talking! A whole backwards picnic could be done, starting with  an entree that looks like desert. Who’s figured out how to make potato salad look like  neapolitan ice cream?

  2. I wonder if steaming them like Chinese bao dough would work. A much gentler process. Then they could be lightly grilled afterwards for that delicious charred flavor and for presentation purposes.

    1. That’s what I was wondering – toss them in a steaming basket and let ‘er rip. Then grill or toaster oven them. And I think I just emotionally committed myself to making these.

  3. I’m requesting a unicorn chaser to make up for this. After seeing this, my appetite for brownies and cupcakes will be zero for at least a month.

  4. But….but…aren’t sausage casings made from intestines???

    I hope to skies there exist artificial ones.

    1. there are casings made from processed collagen, as opposed to intestines. but the collagen itself comes from animal sources anyway, and natural casings have much better texture. but either way, animal products in sweet pastry shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. lard is frequently used in the best pastries for its superior culinary properties.

      1.  Looks like pricy stuff – unless it’s a typo, $29 of casing only covers 10 pounds of sausage, unlike most of their other casings that cover 100 pounds.  (That’s assuming meat-density sausage; I’m guessing cupcakewurst is lighter.)

        I do get veggie fake chorizo occasionally, and it’s got an inedible plastic casing that has to be removed.  It’s kind of a pain, because the stuffing falls apart easily.

    2. Okay.  This is a truly awful idea.  Even before I became vegetarian about 1,000 years ago at the age of 16, I felt there was something fundamentally awful about killing an animal, gutting it, grinding up the muscle tissue, and then effectively stuffing it up its own ass vis-a-vis “sausage casing”.  It always seemed like something a truly demented serial killer would do to his victims.  And people… …eat… that?

      1. And there, hopefully, endeth the sermon. 

        OTOH, if you have decided that animal protein is something you can’t or don’t want to  do without, what the hell is wrong with using as much of the animal as you possibly can, and preserving even the less choice bits (ya know, by stuffing them into casings and smoking them, for example) to get full use of it?    Should we just eat the nice, anonymous fillets and ignore the ofally goodness?  I don’t think so.

        Now, back to planning my 3-types-of-sausage dinner party … cupcakewurst for the win.

        1. Not a sermon. Just an observation. Knock yourself out. At the end of the day all we have to answer to is our own conscience.

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