Some folks call green peppers "mangoes" for a centuries-old reason

In some parts of America's hinterlands, older folks call green peppers "mangoes." Turns out it goes back to a recipe substitution from the 1700s. Read the rest

Make nearly any flavor of chewing gum, in your microwave

Ever thought to make chewing gum at home? Neither had I. Well, not until I saw this tutorial by gum chef (I made this title up) Clifford Endo. In it, he shares his recipe for making artisanal chewing gum in the microwave.

He writes:

Chewing gum is cheap, I get that. So why make it yourself? I get that, too. But think of all the possibilities that come with creating your own flavors: lemongrass, basil, lemon, and yes, bitters. Even reducing port or cocktails down to a syrup could be full-on cocktail flavored gum: This is just the base, the ideas are endless.

The process seems straightforward enough and I like that you can flavor the gum most anyway you desire.

I would think you could even try to make one that tastes like a three-course meal. But, you know, just be careful... Read the rest

A healthy DIY unicorn smoothie

Though this brightly colored smoothie looks like the infamous Starbucks treat, it surprisingly contains no artificial ingredients. Read the rest

How to make homemade Zebra Cakes

Recreate a childhood treat without all the preservatives. Read the rest

DIY apple rose pastries

A simple but elegant dessert inspired by the new Beauty and the Beast movie. Read the rest

Cakes with reflective frosting

Russian architecture student Marie Troïtskaia makes astonishing cakes with mirror glaze in her spare time. Her training is evident in the design concepts.

Bonus video: how to make one for Valentine's Day.

Many more on Marie's website.

Marie Oiseau Portfolio: Cakes (via Instagram) Read the rest

How to cook up some delicious deep fried water

From Jonathan Marcus's YouTube:

water... frozen reverse spherification (calcium alginate membrane)... flour... egg... panko... 375ºF peanut oil

A dozen of these were prepared for and given away at the Stupid Shit No One Needs and Terrible Ideas Hackathon 2.0 ...

Read the rest

How to cook a marijuana marinated turkey

Happy Danksgiving!

Read the rest

Howto make Zombie Mouth cupcakes

The severed, animated, flopping zombie appendage is a staple of horror films, and these zombie-mouth cupcakes look like someone has decorated an amuse-bouche with a bouche coupé. Read the rest

Easter breakfast sorted: Cadbury Creme Egg stuffed Croissants

Yes, chocolate and croissant. Read the rest

A "super sexy and silky" way to use bone broth

Bone broth is hot. I love it for making my mediocre cooking taste more complex and accomplished. Others love it for its nutritional value.

San Diego-based Bare Bones Broth company makes some of the best bone broth I've tasted. One of their co-founders, Ryan, was nice enough to share a sexy chicken and sauce recipe with me: Read the rest

Mary and Vincent Price's incredible recipe book

This book is as much an adventure as it is a collection of recipes.

BAKE Savory Millennium Falcon pie

It's basically a veggie quiche with a kamut pizza-dough lid that's been shaped into the iconic "ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs" that "may not look like much but has it where it counts." Read the rest

Cookies for Breakfast (Recipe)

In his never-ending quest to legitimize cookies as a breakfast food, Matt Maranian has reimagined the dough from a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie recipe into a nutritious breakfast biscuit.

Channukah/Thanksgiving dessert: pumpkin pie filled sufganiot

Sufganiot are delicious jelly donuts, covered in powdered sugar, and traditionally served in Israel for Channukah. They are an analog to the latke here in America, fried in oil to represent the 'great miracle' which happened there. This years epic convergence of a yet-another-Jewish-food-oriented-holiday and American Thanksgiving, our blandest and most flavorless celebration of an imaginary past, left me certain the only dessert I could serve would be pumpkin pie filled sufganiot.

Making them was sort of a circus.

Read the rest

HOWTO make cupcakewurst

What happens when you stuff sausage casings with cupcake-batter? That's what Stef from the Cupcake Project set out to discover. Short answer: sheer, heart-stopping deliciousness. Stef's produced a detailed HOWTO for making your own cupcakewurst. Suggested serving: "Serve warm on Long John doughnuts with raspberry sauce."

It took a lot of experimentation to conquer Cupcakewurst. I had hoped to be able to cook the Cupcakewurst entirely on the grill, but I found that the direct heat of the grill was more than the poor sausages could handle - they kept exploding and meeting their demise on the coals. I had the same problem in the oven: when I cooked the Cupcakewurst at the standard cupcake baking temperature of 350 F, they kept bursting open. I finally found the sweet spot of baking at 325 F and only filling the casings halfway. Even so, some of the casings still got small holes in them during baking. At 325 F, however, the cake cooked enough before the casings broke that only a small amount of batter oozed out through the holes. The small mess could easily be wiped up and the sausages were all usable.

This was my first time working with sausage casing and I found it to be really fun! It's a cross between a giant slippery noodle and a condom. It's stretchy and (comments above about it popping in the oven aside) fairly hard to accidentally break.

Cupcakewurst (via Neatorama) Read the rest

HOWTO make rainbow-striped jello Easter eggs

Thrive's Nike has a recipe for making rainbow-striped jello Easter Eggs, using Kraft's "JELL-O JIGGLERS Egg Mold." She advises coating the mold with generous amounts of cooking spray, then using a syringe to add layers of color, chilling for 10-15 minutes between each layer.

I still remember fondly filling blown eggshells with liquid jello and letting them set in the fridge in an egg-carton, making "hard boiled eggs" that were filled with jello instead.

Rainbow Easter Eggs (via Neatorama) Read the rest

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