TSA frisks actual (but likely harmless) mass murdering serial bomber

Henry Kissinger's wheelchair considered harmful: "Kissinger was taken to the search area, was required to stand, and was given the 'full Monty.'"

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  1. magicdragonfly says:

    This is as it should be: not at all news, move along.

    You can’t have it both ways, Cory. Complain about security theatre, or about security being applied unfairly (profiling, etc) but this was an example where preferential treatment (either pro or con) didn’t come into play at all. Arguably, the system worked as advertised, because no preferential treatment was afforded.

    Saying “x-population (infirm, young children, etc) shouldn’t be screened, because everyone knows they’re not terrorists” is silly. What does a terrorist look like? Muslim? Arab? How many Muslims are Arab? AFAIK, not even half. Muslim? What does a Muslim look like? Black? White? Brown? Check, check, and check. Oh, wait, maybe the terrorist isn’t white. But what about that Timothy McVeigh character? Or Ted Kaszinksi? (sp?) So terrorists are men, like the aforementioned, and like Richard Reid (the “shoe bomber”) or the 19 hijackers of 9/11. And the Chechen women, who initiated attacks against Russia.

    Maybe the truth is “we don’t know what the heck a terrorist looks like”, so as long as the silliness will continue, it needs to be applied to anyone, including Nobel Prize winners who’ve orchestrated bombing campaigns. (Maybe they really did catch a bomber, after all…)

    Attack the root of the problem, not the sickly branches. How’s about “security theatre considered harmful” instead of focusing on Kissinger’s wheelchair?

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      You’ve certainly divined a whole lot about Cory’s intentions from a headline and five words.

    • arikol says:

      Cory is, as usual, remarking upon the ridiculousness of it all.
      No matter whether we like Kissinger or not we can be DAMN sure that he’s not there to take over the plane and/or blow it up. 
      The “actual (but likely harmless) mass murdering serial bomber” headline is just a good headline.

    •  I think maybe the point here is, the probability that Kissinger is a terrorist?

  2. abstract_reg says:

    Cory isn’t asking to have it both ways. He is asking for sanity. The screening that they put people through is a wrong-headed invasion of privacy and personal space. Who’s space it is is a side question.

  3. Fetuses could be terrorists.  “Please step into our amnio booth.”  You can’t be too careful.  

  4. SedanChair says:

    Henry Kissinger is not going to stab you with the arm of his wheelchair.

    He will have you stabbed with the arm of somebody else’s wheelchair

  5. fobia says:

    I am a terrorist. 
    The government is terrified of me as a free thinker. 

  6. Can’t believe the old bastard is flying commercial.

    • It is kinda hard to believe he doesn’t fly around in an invisible militaristic plane/aircraft carrier like Nick Fury alright.

      “Have the Kissicarrier cloaked and ready to take me to Bilderberg Headquarters imediately!”

    • zarray says:

       Can’t believe the old bastard is still alive.

  7. Bob L says:

    Really, I didn’t think he was alive any more…

  8. rocketpjs says:

    I suppose the ‘Full Monty’ isn’t nearly as invasive as someone like Kissinger deserves.

    If I believed in an afterlife I would have little doubt as to where Kissinger would end up.  that said, he isn’t likely to take over an airplane (he tended to have other people do that).  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cubana_Flight_455

    • NelC says:

      Now I’m having visions of Kissinger high-kicking in his wheelchair, like the guy in Rocky Horror, while simultaneously stripping to a single by Donna Summer.

      I blame the drugs. Or the lack of them.

    • Jardine says:

      I figured that meant the TSA agents whipped out their own dicks to show Kissinger for some reason.

  9. One could argue that Kissinger is a well documented terrorist, although very unlikely to pose a threat to a plane that he is on.

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