EFF/Open Rights Group Speakeasy night in London, June 14


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  1. Rindan says:

    Hu.  I donate a pile of money to the EFF each year, but I was kind of under the assumption that they were US based and just stuck the the US except to fight our bullshit treaties.  Mucking around with US internet policy has world wide effects.  US policy on the ‘tubes can become de facto world policy, but do they actively work in other countries beside the US?

    • Well isn’t that a good thing? I mean, there are allot of organizations that concern themselves with the saem issues around the globe but it would be helpful if there was a large network kinda like the WWF (not the wrestling, the nature thing) to connect all these groups.
      I’m sure communications exists between the groups but an official umbrella organisation through which they could get funds and create actual and more forceful protests.

      • Rindan says:

        I wasn’t complaining.  I was just curious.  I am all for the EFF fighting the good fight world wide.  The ‘tubes pass through more than one nation, and lots of people along the way can screw it up.

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