Molly Crabapple's Week in Hell: the book

Artist (and Boing Boing favorite) Molly Crabapple is just as clever with crowdfunding as she is with a Sharpie. For her 28th birthday, she Kickstartered the budget for a week locked in a NYC hotel suite whose every surface was covered with drawing paper. She spent the resulting "week in hell" drawing over every inch of that paper. The art she produced is documented in Week in Hell, a lovely slim volume from IDW, which features spiffy photos of Crabapple's work, some notes on the production, and a hell of an introduction by Mr Warren Ellis. It's a great look inside an utterly gonzo project.

Art of Molly Crabapple Volume 1: Week in Hell


  1. On the one hand, I kinda wish her name was Edna. Yet on the other hand I’m really glad her name’s not Edna. But the gripping hand is I’m grateful to her for turning me on to Vermillion Lies.

  2. I’m sure she’s a wonderful person and all, but basically she talked people into paying for her to stay in a New York hotel room for a week so that she could scribble all over the walls, right? Am I missing something here? Sweet gig …

  3. I do this for free in my house all the time, maybe I should advertise it and gets paid?

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