Old-fashioned animation expresses Winnipeggers' concern over mass-privatisation


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  1. From the YouTube description: “”Using innovative stop graphic animation, Winnipeg animators Christian and Sean Procter…”

    Um, “stop graphic” animation? Was that supposed to be “stop motion”? Even if it was, the video isn’t stop motion animation either. This is obviously an elaborate hoax since an actual Canadian would know the difference. Canadians know animation like Icelandic people know snow.

    • rrh says:

      Well, googling “stop graphic animation” just results in references to this very video, so apparently it’s so innovative they had to invent a new name for it.

      I have more objection to Cory’s title calling it “old-fashioned.”  By Winnipeg animation standards, you can’t call it old-fashioned unless you’ve shot it on black-and-white film by candlelight and then processed the film yourself in a bathtub full of sandpaper.

  2. Buck says:

    Wow, I’m from Winnipeg, a former CUPE Local 500 employee, and is that ever an embarrassing video! “A city with a proud history. It started with our First Nations”?!

    “Beautiful parks and green spaces that everyone could enjoy.” Yeah, Chinese Exclusion Act much?

    I’m all about fighting the neoliberal agenda but I think we need to broaden our analyses when making the cases against it.

    • Shinkuhadoken says:

      Were they really supposed to say in the video, “Beautiful parks and green spaces that everyone could enjoy. Everyone, but the Chinese. Oh and there were those Japanese internment camps too. And we were pretty awful to Metis and First Nations from time to time. I guess not those people.” Of course, we shouldn’t forget our awful past, but I would rather focus on a future of harmony and what we could be at our best. The political movement that eventually formed the NPD got started in Winnipeg, and I’m sure Jack Layton would have seen it that way too.

  3. robdobbs says:


  4. Verio says:

    Nice video. Smart approach.

    Stand up for the things that belong to the public. Once you sell off public assets you don’t get them back…

    • SomeGuyNamedMark says:

      Revenue is always used as the excuse.  They just don’t explain what they will do once everything has been sold off as if their initial problems will have magically disappeared.

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