Father's day songs to learn and perform, by Groucho Marx

Here are a pair of Groucho Marx classics for you to rehearse and perform for your pater familias tomorrow: "Everybody Works But Father" (MP3) and Father's Day (MP3) -- both ganked from Old Time Radio's upload of An Evening With Groucho on The Internet Archive.


  1. Cavett was a guest on the NPR game show ‘Wait Wait!’ a few weeks ago.  Slowing down a bit, but still sharp.
    My father took me to see Groucho when he brought his one-man show to San Francisco in ’72 or so. It was awesome.

  2. Thanks again for once posting the great videos of my grandfather, Groucho.  I used to go to his house on Father’s Day and have the pleasure of accompanying him at the piano while he sang “Father’s Day.”  It was quite awesome.  Thanks again.

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